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Life/Health Weekender

May 24, 2019

The Financial State of Americans: 2019 vs. 2009

By Bernice Napach

Americans feel more financially secure but more risk averse today than 10 years ago, according to Northwestern Mutual. Read More


Clients May Jilt You Because of This: Nationwide

By Allison Bell

The company is promoting a tool that might help advisors avoid "getting the cold shoulder." Read More


Earnings: AIG, Athene, AXA Equitable, Primerica, FGL, IHC, HC2, Triple-S

By Allison Bell

Here are more of the results that shape what products publicly traded insurers can sell, and at what price. Read More


Houses Passes ACA Defender Bill

By Allison Bell

One of the recorded votes on amendments was on a jab at short-term health insurance. Read More


Retirement Bill Competes With 'Hair on Fire' Issue for Senators' Attention

By Allison Bell

A Principal Financial executive represented life insurers at the hearing. Read More


Health Care for All? China Has It But Needs More

By Adam Minter

China's version of Medicare for All shares up to 40% of the cost of government-facility care with the patient. Read More


Know Your Personnel

By John Pojeta

Want to build a great team? Try watching the NFL Combine. Read More


Specialty Life Firm Raises $55 Million in Capital

By Allison Bell

Health IQ develops products aimed at people who may be healthier than ordinary underwriters think. Read More

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Overcoming Common Objections to Premium Financing

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Use these tips to prepare for meetings with high-net-worth (HNW) clients so you know how to answer their questions ahead of time. Learn More

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