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Life/Health Weekender

Jul 16, 2019


Gary Shilling: The Recession May Have Already Begun

In that case, bond yields are heading sharply lower, says Shilling, who has a strong track record of correct forecasts. Read More


How Do the Wealthy Spend Their Money?

The wealthy people next door usually aren’t into ostentatious displays of wealth. Read More

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American Equity

Leading fixed index annuity carrier. Committed to quality customer service. The one who works for you!® Read More


Longevity Risk Protection Is a Global Mess: Idea File

By Allison Bell

Seth Rachlin says life insurers seem to be making a serious effort to fix that. Read More


Trump Signs IRS Redesign Bill Into Law

The law requires the IRS to submit to Congress in 2020 a plan to redesign the agency. Read More


How the Prospects of 2009 Have Changed

By Joyce Anne Grabel

A Northwestern Mutual team has taken a second look at them and found more fear of risk. Read More


Q2 Life Insurance Activity Reverses Q1 Decline: MIB

By Marlene Satter

Applications showed strong growth among buyers 60 and older. Read More


The Game Theory Inside Financial Planning

By Bryan Kuderna

If only the business world communicated as clearly about risks and rewards as a roulette table. Read More


Lessons from Aretha Franklin's Legacy

By Michael Babikian

Make sure your clients' families get what they need when they need it. Read More

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How Financial Advisors Can Differentiate Their Marketing

Sponsored by: Universal Financial Consultants

Discover how you can deliver revenue-driven targeted marketing efforts to your clients and prospects. Access an easy-to-use system that can help grow your business. Learn More

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