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Jul 16, 2019


How Do the Wealthy Spend Their Money?

By Bryce Sanders

The wealthy people next door usually aren't into ostentatious displays of wealth. Read More


How Donor-Advised Funds Can Amp Up Their Giving Power

By Bernice Napach

Many donor-advised fund investors don't realize they can make impact investments as well as giving to charity. Read More


Trump Signs IRS Redesign Bill Into Law

By Melanie Waddell

The law requires the IRS to submit to Congress in 2020 a plan to redesign the agency. Read More


Wealth Management M&A Deals on Track to Top 200 This Year

By Michael S. Fischer

Breakaway activity reached a new high in the second quarter, Echelon Partners reports. Read More


Piper Jaffray, Sandler O'Neill Strike a Deal

By Janet Levaux

Minneapolis-based Piper Jaffray is buying Sandler O'Neill and Partners of New York for $485 million in cash and stock. Read More


'We Are Part of the Problem': Billionaires and Heirs Demand Wealth Tax

By Tom Metcalf and Suzanne Woolley

Nineteen wealthy people are calling on Democratic presidential candidates to support such a tax. Read More


Why You Need to Improve Your Client Experience Right Now

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If your clients don’t feel like you are giving them the experience they want, they will find someone who does. Learn how to keep that from happening. Learn More

Building Your Best Back Office

Sponsored by: FTJ | FundChoice

Get info on how you can solve the back office dilemma and save your firm time and money. Learn More

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